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Visual storytelling is the key to sharing ideas. Especially, those that need to break out of bubbles and have an impact on audiences.

Conferences, seminars, talks and even meetings are spaces where we come up with ideas to shape our world! Yet, when these events close and the delegates return to their daily cycles, most of the created stories fade away. Notes are ignored, learning is suspect, and those great world-changing narratives soon lost forever.

Cooked Illustrations wants to make every single event out there to have real, long-term impact and engagement. On both the people who attend them, and the public who benefits from these ideas.We capture, collect and illustrate your stories and translate them into creations that have a positive, long-term impact on engagement, information retention and learning outcomes. 

Our Stories

BBDO is worldwide marketing agency who contacted us for a particular project with Credicorp Bank. The bank in question needed an update to their visual identity as well as a particular communication campaign to their Panamanian clients. Their online banking system was undergoing a major repurposing, and they needed visuals to communicate to existing clients that their system was worth sticking with.




Dr O’Dea is a marine paleobiologist researching the deep history of the Isthmus; from its formation, to the nature of modern ecosystems. His questions delve into the Deep Time of the region. Yet, something so fascinating and interesting about the land is rarely, if ever, talked about by Panamanians. There is a gap in the education system, one that we have been tasked with helping sort out… With sequential storytelling!


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution


What Next? Is a movement which brings together arts and cultural organisations from across the UK, to articulate and strengthen the role of culture in our society. The Cardiff chapter holds weekly meetings open to anyone to join their voices alongside politicians, academics, heads of long-established organisations, and international colleagues to the ongoing conversations about the role of arts and culture in our societies.


What Next? Cardiff

What Next?

Coade3 is a tech company at the forefront of new innovations in document search and data analyses for businesses. Cooked Illustrations has been working with Coade3 to develop new and unique storytelling content for company communications. Our goal is to help Coade3 showcase their products, services and ideas through visuals that would not just increase audience engagement, but information retention.


Coade 3

Data Chaos

CAMPUS was a European Creative Hubs Network conference taking place in Brussels in January 2018. The event brought together over 90 international delegates, community leaders, experts, academics, and start-up owner to discuss the past, present and future of the creative hub, coworking space, and nomadic worker phenomenons. Our visual reporter spent days capturing the chance encounters, passing knowledge, research notes and the fun stories that bloomed in the space.




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