June 2020
Client: Caerdydd Creadigol, UK

Interactive Media,
Visual Communications, Innovative

Creative and Cultural Industries

interactive storytelling set in Cardiff

Encounters is an interactive story, in the vein of graphic adventure games. Made up of a series of illustrations that the viewer can influence through the use of external arrows, it tells the tale of how two creative workers are connected via networks, community and work, even if they do not ever meet each other.
This project was commissioned by Cardiff University’s creative economy research group, Caerdydd Creadigol, as part of the ‘Our Creative Cardiff’ initiative. ‘Our Creative Cardiff’ is a celebration of the Welsh capital as a place for connectivity, community and creation in all its modes.

The commission gave Cooked Illustrations the space and chance to experiment and explore with interactive design, and new illustrative styles. It’s shown us the potential there is for small-scale narrative experiences and we’re excited to work on more like this in the future. 

Encounters and other artists’ commissioned works appear as a digital story wall.
To learn more about how this project came to life, see our blog post! LINK

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