Data Chaos

November 2019

Character Design

Data / Software

Visualizing Data

Coade3, a search engine innovation and software development startup, approached Cooked Illustrations with a specific need: to arrest the imagination and attention of possible investors. To which we replied:

“Well, you’ve thought of the right people for it.” 

Cooked Illustrations helped in developing a visual language that the company could use in the future for any online messages and content marketing. You can see how that came about in this blog post.

The results from our exploration, however, was to create an explainer comic to explain their services. The complex information had to be presented in a visually engaging and succinct way so it could stand out in a busy social media landscape. As well as being something a lot more interesting to share with people than a Word document.

Polygonal Man: Design options for the Readerman, a humanoid representation of the Coade3’s proprietary code.

Robot Buddy: Robot Buddy only knows how to get exactly what you tell it to. And nothing else.

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