Habitat Fragmentation: Túngara Frogs


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Effects of habitat fragmentation

Habitat Fragmentation is a two-part animated explainer exploring the effects of habitat fragmentation on the túngara frog, a neotropical amphibian known for singing in loud choruses at night to attract their mates.

As we said above, these frogs have to be careful,for the same songs that attract mates also attract predators.

This project has been long in the making!

A collaboration between Cooked Illustrations and the Smithsonian Bat Lab, a research lab based in Gamboa, Panama which studies the Sensory and Cognitive Ecology of neotropical bats.

After the great success of our first explainer, we have decided to collaborate with researchers to bring their findings to a wider audience in our unique friendly and engaging style. It is our hope that by through productions such as this, we’re increasing the impact researchers have. Who knows, perhaps someone out there is looking at the video and developing new conservation and urban development policies based on the ideas we present here.
That is our hope, at least.
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