Credicorp: BBDO

December 2019

Digital Content


The Project

Local Solutions for a Local Market:

The worldwide marketing agency, BBDO contacted us to help Credicorp Bank bring attention to their new online banking services. At the time, Credicorp Bank was updating their visual identity and communications strategy for their Panama operations, and they needed to communicate to their banking clients the benefits in adopting online banking services in a country with limited access to the internet.
The brief asked us to educate the bank’s clients on how the digital banking platform worked, what services it provided, and to demonstrate just how easy to use it was. But more than that, we needed to make it apparent that shifting to a Credicorp Bank account was the right decision to make. The result was this short animatic that speaks for itself. But in Spanish because, you know, Latin American audience.

Creative Lead: Roque Lagrotta

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