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2018 and 2019



The Project

Cooked Illustrations participates in What Next? Cardiff entirely on a voluntary basis.

But while we approach each meeting as a safe space to talk with friends, colleagues, and sometimes draw unique ideas, they have also provided us with great opportunities to further the cause of making conversations and information easier to digest.

Most recently, What Next? Cardiff hosted Alison Woods and Huw Thomas of NoFit State Circus and Cardiff City Council respectively. The conversation was about the establishment of the first Fair Saturday city fair in Cardiff. Fair Saturday is a global movement and festival that celebrates art in the community, with a slight bend of anti-consumerism. And a desire to raise money for charitable organisations.The meeting, essentially, was the start of a three-month-long project that culminated on Saturday 31st of November. While on site, we took note of the conversation and decided that what was discussed had to be shared more widely.

Our own contribution to this great project, was to ensure that more people would want to learn about this project by giving them a snippet into the key phrases that came up during this discussion.Similarly, these meetings have proven to be spaces to capture important ideas such as approaches to lobbying government for good, and realising that a lot of the heads of the arts organisations in Cardiff wear glasses. These illustrations may not be communicating grand ideas, but they are the type of digital content that can do wonders to humanise organisations that are often unapproachable because of the weight they have on our minds.

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