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Each illustration in this collection is responding to a different research paper or question. What ties them all together is, well, marine biology.

aDNA Sequencing (Right):

Commissioned by Matt Leray, post-doctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, to make people do a double-take and wonder what the hell they just saw. Hook, line and sinker, now they HAVE to read how GenBank is a reliable resource for 21st century biodiversity research. The graphic was used for promotional material for a PNAS press release.
This illustration (below:) was created at the request of Ryuji Machida in response to the article Seabed mining could come at a high price for unique fauna published in December 2020, in the journal Molecular Ecology.
One of the best things about illustrating scientific papers and articles is the challenge of transforming jargon and what is often insider-information into images that not only capture attention, but spark future discussions. We believe this article, Long-term consequences  of river damming in the Panama Canal, published in the news website, is definitely something that should be widely discussed, not just among scientists interested in the Panama Canal watershed. The ecological, economic and social ramifications are tremendous! And perhaps our illustration can interest some people to take a look.

Complete editorial illustrations are not the only way illustrations can help communicate science. Sometimes we’re hired to help illustrate presentations and turn complex ideas into a digestible and nutritious snack. These elements were commissioned by Jonathan Cybulski, a National Geographic Young Explorer to help in visualizing how advances in the micro (biogeochemistry) are expanding the understanding of the macro (ecology).If you have any articles, papers, publications, or presentations that you’d love to have illustrated, do get in touch!

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