Sketchnotes from Accessible Arts Festival Residency

Cooked Illustrations was invited to visually record conversations between various artists taking place as part of a digital artist residency called Manifesto for Accessible Arts Festival. The goal of this residency, as stated above, was to:

“design a Manifesto for Accessible Arts Festival (MAAF) for an all-inclusive festival co-hosted between Wales and India. MAAF will be a structured toolkit that focuses on providing a global platform for artists with disabilities. It will cater to the needs of audiences with disabilities and provide a universally designed space, without adopting an ‘able-ist’ approach.”

Cooked Illustrations were visual notetakers, recording meeting minutes in a visually appealing way. The aim was to create not just a graphic record of the conversations that took place, but to elevate and showcase the information in a way that would be accessible to a wider, albeit sighted, audience.

In keeping with the spirit of the residency and the people we were working with, we tried our best in ensuring the metaphors, colours, and design matched the Accessible for All’s branding colours and the beautiful and powerful messages shared in these conversations.

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