Animation and the Climate Emergency

Illustrating conversations is a way to bring words into the physical world, metaphorically giving them new dimensions, verticality, weight, depth, through the medium of paper.

Clwstwr contracted us to be present at the event Animation and the Climate Emergency, hosted by Cardiff Animation Festival. A day of short films, research presentations, and discussions about the role the animation industry can play in a greener future. 

Event illustration focuses on the capture of unplanned conversations, serendipitous encounters, and surprising ideas in a way that gives them legacy beyond the temporal limits of an event. A way for organisers and participants to be transported back to the moment the words were first spoken and consider them again. The key is to keep the conversation going, developing, evolving. Capturing these through paper maquettes brings theatrics to the event. The desk becomes alive as talks progress and ideas evolve, constructed in front of delegates eyes, an act that invited them to participate and share with our illustrators on the spot, which helped grow the paper tapestry on the table.

The edifices created through paper engineering are metaphors in the real world, visualisations that are tangible through the metaphor itself and through the paper. When a participant can physically hold ideas in their hands, it gives them new meaning, new weight, new considerations. A simple, yet effective way to increase audience participation, democratising the floor, so everyone, not just those giving the platform of the keynote lecture, can feed back.

For the organisers, the resulting maquette is an object they can explore over and over. Documented through photography and video, it will keep the conversation going. As a physical object, it can become a permanent reminder of the strongest points, something that sits on your work table for years and years.

We must thank our creative partner, Chris Glynn, for collaborating on this project, and providing experience in making Paper People.

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