Agaricia Branding Development

Skin Care, Marine Care

Concept Sketches for the aGaricia logo.

aGaricia is a new brand of skincare products with an oceanic twist.

Not only a collection of creams and soaps that look and taste so good as to make you want to eat them, but a statement of transformation. The brand’s goal is to care for the environment, while caring for your skin. Their products are made from organic, planet-friendly products, and every sale helps in their mission to help protect, preserve, and study tropical marine environments.

As expected, from a brand created by marine biologists!

Understanding this brand is easier if you speak Spanish, actually. Así que vayan aquí, si hablan español.

Cooked Illustrations’ goal was to create not just another brand, but to bring together a variety of ideas into a visual identity that just stood out above its competitors. aGaricia is breaking conventions, as such the logo had to break conventions of design. Make it heavier, modular, and be as loud and bold as we should all be about transforming the way we relate with the ocean.