Visual Identity - Coade 3

November 2019
Our project was exploratory at first. Coade3 approached us with some ideas that they needed to communicate in a manner that would arrest the imagination of possible investors. As we well know, from research and experience, images have a higher chance to capture our fleeting attention. Encounter is the key moment for engagement, and it must be harnessed to ensure the information is transferred as efficiently as possible.

Polygonal Man: Design options for the Readerman, a humanoid representation of the Coade3’s proprietary code.
The first illustration delivered was an emotional one. Literally! A very specific feeling we were tasked to communicate: frustration. But not just any type of frustration, but the specific anger that results from a messy transfer of data from physical or local digital files, to a cloud-based system. Coade3 shared their own industry expertise on the subject, informing us, in a single phrase, that any such transfer will result in “Data Chaos”. The image, then, becomes self-explanatory.

After this successful collaboration, Coade3 then asked us to work on a comic specifically for social media distribution.The story we had to tell was both informative and relatable. We had to both explain the workings and pitfalls of current search engine technology, as well as put into image the familiar frustration we’ve all had when trying to find specific information online, only to receive an avalanche of unnecessary results.

Our process was entirely collaborative. Coade3 was involved in the process from ideation, to storytelling, and editing. It was their idea, their expertise, that needed communication, and we had to make sure that not one voice would overpower the other. Through this process, we came up with a two-page comic. One page, a criticism and explanation of current search engine technology. While the second page delivers a cathartic punchline: Coade3’s proprietary solution to the problem of “too many irrelevant results”.
Sequential storytelling needs characters, however. As part of our offering to Coade3, we came up with unique character designs that not only were quirky and relatable, but could make Coade3’s brand to a more engaging. Each character we designed are, essentially, personifications of Coade3’s proprietary innovations. And criticisms.

Cooked Illustrations works collaboratively to deliver not just solutions, but new ways of thinking. By working closely with Coade3, not only did we help them discover their unique voice as a storyteller for their customers, but given them the tools to best tell these stories.
We’ve built a partnership that we at Cooked Illustrations hope will continue to have long-term impact in the most positive of ways.
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Character design options for The Readerman.
Robot Buddy: Robot Buddy only knows how to get exactly what you tell it to. And nothing else.

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