Job: Visual Communication and Marketing Assistant

Hello, everyone!

Announcing that we've been approved to invite one person to join the Cooked Illustrations pack for a paid internship! Arooooo!

This will be a Kickstart scheme, so to be considered you must be in receipt of Universal Credit and must've been directed this way by a Work Coach.

But, other than that, we're so very excited to get all of your beautiful portfolios and stories.

Oh, wait. But what is it we're looking for? Well, let me share some basics:


You will be working with the Creative Director in in supporting ongoing company development (including support in research and development of new services and products, finding new commercial and public opportunities), delivering marketing strategy on digital and traditional channels, and support in delivering client projects.

You will  be supported in developing transferable and industry skills via a hands-on approach. Pull up your sleeves and get your hands right in the delivery of client contracts and company  working closely with the Creative Director to produce content and internal projects.

The Creative Director will support the successful applicant in crafting and implementing a personal professional development plan.

Essential Skills:

- Verbal, written and visual communication skills

- An interest in telling stories or communicating ideas to audiences

- Computer Literacy and Digital Tools: familiar and capable of working with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite,
      ClipStudioPaint, Google, and other web-based collaboration apps

- Ability to work collaboratively and independently towards set tasks.

-      Initiative, creativity, and the ability to present their ideas to the Creative Director

- Content Creation Skills: while this role would be perfect for an illustrator or animator with an interest in marketing, we
      welcome different skills such as videography, audio recording and editing, 3D rendering, and other skills that allow the
      applicant to create content, stories or interactive media.

Preferred Skills:

- Bilingualism or Multilingualism

- Video-making and editing skills

- A desire to work and deliver marketing strategies

Interests that will help the applicant, but are not necessary:

- An interest in any STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) subject

- An innate passion to communicate stories from any subject, be sport, science, history or other.

All applications will be done via this FORM.

All the details are there.

I personally would recommend you go through it, have a think, go out for a walk or whatever you prefer to think, and then start the submission process in a different document.